The future of architectural visualization

To present virtual spaces in a striking new way: that is the principle of our new service VIRTUVIUS. Using real-time rendering technology we create highly immersive and realistic architectural experiences.

Freedom of movement

Don't be restricted to static images from a predefined position. Explore in detail each corner and point of view of your project. Wander autonomously across rooms as if you were a real visitor. Or assume the role of a drone and fly through the space in a totally free way.


Go beyond simply wandering around. Interact with different elements existing in space. Open and close doors, turn lights on and off, play music through a hi-fi set... There are multiple and customizable possibilities.

Versatile video production

It is possible to record a video of a virtual tour and share it on other devices.

Or produce a small animation with complete control over cameras, audio and editing.

Due to real-time graphics processing, this procedure is substantially more versatile and cheaper compared to videos rendered in more conventional ways. And all of this in high definition.

Easy virtual snapshots

Take multiple instantaneous 'renderings' from any point of view in a quick and direct way, as simple as taking a photo in the real world. These pictures can be shared, retouched or composed just like a conventional rendering.

High visual quality

By using one of the most advanced graphics engine available we are able to create realistic real-time scenes with impressive visuals which are fully walkable and interactive.

Broad range of uses

The potential applications for this service are remarkably extensive and varied.


Provide an animated sequence of your proposal to capture the attention of a competition jury.


Employ dynamic presentations to assist production and construction, communicating your ideas in a powerful and understandable way.


Impress your clients with an interactive tour of a still unbuilt house.


Avoid the costs of furnishing a showroom apartment, instead presenting a virtual counterpart of the latter.


Use a virtual showcase to exhibit your products interactively.


And these are just examples.

Latest generation technology to promote your projects

Give your clients the freedom to explore or play a perfectly controlled video presentation. It's up to you.

The versatility of this technology allows for the creation of content that can be viewed on multiple platforms, from PCs to mobile devices, up to full Virtual Reality.


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