Basel, Switzerland, 2013


International competition

With Lúcia Serrano, Tiago Oliveira & Tiago Sousa

Being an equipment with a clear urban role, it felt necessary that the proposed building should present itself as an extension of public space. Its arrangement is markedly vertical – bearing in mind the existing gardened platforms of the surroundings - generating a dynamic composition of new, non-enclosed spaces that intersect and connect among themselves very informally.

The main program lies in the underground and ground floors, which allow a more direct contact with the street and thus the passing visitor. There exist the main information desk, as well as the main exhibition rooms, conference room, and public toilets. However, the more scenic character of the platforms above ground level provides another interesting place to exhibit more urban artistic expressions, from the plastic (sculpture, installations) to the performing arts. Several events/venues/articles may thus be displayed in a tight and cohesive “promenade” on various levels.

The proposal also tries to establish links with the city in a more concrete manner. The building grabs the surrounding environment on several points and different ways, for example, through the projecting waterfall that dives on the existing pond near Klostergasse, or the connection established by the main entrance with the underground gallery in the Theaterpassage.